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Students will explore drawing from life and varied visual references. They will explore the basic fundamentals of art through drawing. Subject include composition, perspective, value, color, basic shapes, light values, textures. Materials Needed (Kits Available at CREATE): Pencils, charcoals, kneeded eraser, sketch pad. Class Schedule



Building on the skills and fundamentals of Level 1, this class we further explore new drawing subjects, art materials, and techniques. Materials Needed (Available at CREATE): Pencils, charcoals, kneeded eraser, sketch pad. Class Schedule



This class is all about exploring and understanding characteristics of paint and painting techniques with various mediums. Materials Needed (Available at CREATE): Paint Paper Pad Class Schedule


PAINTING Masters in Training Level 1

Students will learn about different famous artists and incorporate their styles in the painting projects each week. Each week participants will study one master artist by reproducing, and/or enlisting a technique, of that artist. The Study begins with Artist of the Impressionist era and works towards Post-modern and present-day artists. Various mediums will be used. Materials Needed: One time Materials Fee covers Materials for Session. Class Schedule


PAINTING Masters in Training Level 2

Students will learn the elements and principles of design and incorporate them in painting from life and visual references. One month study of one master artist/style. Reproducing their work, exploring their techniques and theories, and navigating their life story. Students will be required to have a sketch journal, and, depending on the teacher, may have homework. Class Schedule





Class is tailored to Toddlers and their Caregivers. Children will explore painting, coloring, and making simple and fun projects that will excited their imagination. Larger projects will be worked on together, with both the adults and children getting to add their own touch to memorable pieces. Time will be given for play time in our playroom as well as the children finish their projects, or need a little break. Class Schedule



This is an Adult Class which will focus on weekly projects consisting of seasonal decor and new crafting ideas. Coffee, tea and pastries will be served. Come and meet new friends and explore your creative side! Class Schedule




KIDS GROUP MUSIC (infant + all ages)

CREATE is thrilled to welcome City Lights Music Together to our Henderson location. Please click HERE for additional information on Music Together and its tremendous benefits on growth and developement in children of all ages. Class Schedule


                  Puppet Making



Join CREATE as we welcome world-renown pupeteer, creator, and short film director Abdollah Alimorad for a special class series. You will be guided through the process of making your own puppet, creating the clothing for the puppet, and involving your puppet in a real animated motion picture! Class Schedule





SEWING Level 1

Beginner sewing students will learn the proper way to thread a machine, how to cut fabric and sew them together using various stitches. Projects will begin with simple items such as pillows and tote bags and will focus on seasonal themes. As the skills progress, the projects will become more complecated and time consuming. A project may take several weeks to complete. Class Schedule


SEWING Level 2

Sewing students who have a good base for sewing and want to explore their techniquest further. Working with patterns and more complex techniquest will be used, with projects that are seasonal and tailored to the group. These classes are also open to a group of individuals who have a common goal such as costumes, drapes, clothing. Projects may take several weeks or longer to complete. Students may be asked to provide their own fabric. Class Schedule



Students will learn the basics of cutting pieces for a quilt, piecing them, and binding them while making their own small quilt. This class will build week to week as the quilt progresses. Class Schedule













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